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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Johnny Lingo Night: A YW Activity
• Buy some cheap Hawaiian leis. And tell them to wear their Hawaiian shirts or clothes if they have them. • 1 Paper doll. Give her a modern name. Make her big, like as big as a smallish poster board. Make her cute and color her. Cut her out. Take some time. • Download the movie, Johnny Lingo from o o It’s old and corny, but you will be surprised at how the girls will love it. • Handout: I made these using postcards that you can buy at the office supply store. This is what I put on them:
• Ingredients for Pineapple Dole Whip Smoothies The Activity: • Begin with story of your paper doll. Make sure they are paying attention when you tell her story. I am going to call mine Maria. Maria is a (whatever age of girl you are working with). She likes reading, movies and hanging out. She loves to wear her favorite styles. Sometimes her friends are kind of sarcastic with her. They might say, “Maria, wow, those shorts are so stylish. Where did you get them? From your mother?” And then they laugh; only Maria feels bad. (Rip off one of her arms. You keep telling her story where people are rude or sarcastic to her, and as you tell them what is said to her, she feels sad and you rip off another piece until she is in pieces. This usually make people sit there in shock. How could you rip her up? You spent so much time on her. Explain how our words are sometimes used to attack, demean, or cause pain to other people. • Watch the movie Johnny Lingo. They WILL make fun of it at first, but for me, the minute Moki, the father says, “Mahana, you ugly,” they are hooked. • Discuss the movie. My favorite new “Come Follow Me” question: “What did you notice in that movie? Have a good discussion. Talk about your own feelings and experience but let them share their own. • Hand out the poem. • Make Dole Whips: My recipe: • Ingredients: o 4 cups frozen pineapple chunks o 1/2 cup milk o 1/8 tsp salt o 2 Tbsp sugar o 1 Tbsp lemon juice • Blend all ingredients together and drink it like a smoothie. WE also ate some store bought coconut cookies to go with our tropical theme. I put little umbrellas in their smoothies as well.

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